EVENT / Fifth Australian small bridges conference


19-20 November 2012

Fifth Australian small bridges conference: for small, medium and local bridges.

•Two days of practical and leading knowledge

•Two speaking streams each day

•Focused bridge exhibition

•International speakers

The Australian Small Bridges Conference has been designed to alert bridge and road engineers, managers, contractors and suppliers to significant new developments and requirements for bridges.

The two-day conference, which is held every two years, will focus on small and medium-sized bridges, both road and pedestrian. Past events have attracted more than two hundred participants. Small and medium bridges are the most common type of bridge in Australia.

Local government authorities in particular are currently faced with major challenges in their management and so local government projects are a major theme of the conference. Small bridges are located not only on highways but also on train lines, in parks & gardens, National Parks, mines, forestry areas, private property and in public areas such as zoos. Small bridges can be for vehicles, trains, pedestrians or even stock & wildlife.

Structures such as culverts, elevated boardwalks and viewing platforms also fall in the scope of this conference. State and local government engineers, leading practitioners and consultants in the bridge sector will present up-to-the-minute, highly relevant information to assist asset owners, road managers and engineers to perform their roles in an increasingly complex bridge and road environment.

To be considered for the initial round of speaking programme selection, send an abstract of approximately 100-150 words by 30 April 2012, or earlier, to:

Scott Matthews
Phone: +61 3 8534 5004
Email: scott.matthews@commstrat.com.au


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