NEWS / Early opening for Bay Bridge approach


The opening ceremony took place on Friday for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge West Approach. California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the workers who completed the US$429 million seismic retrofit project seven months ahead of schedule.

The scheme involved replacing a 1.6km stretch of bridge. Prior to retrofitting, the West Approach's upper and lower deck configuration had a single foundation system supporting both decks. Following the retrofit, each deck has an independent column and foundation support system.

The West Approach continued to carry some 280,000 vehicles a day during the project. "Not that long ago, people's eyes would glaze over when they heard the word 'infrastructure'. Now everyone understands that a state can prosper and soar economically only if it has the roads, bridges, tunnels, transit, ports and other projects that make our daily lives and daily business possible," said Schwarzenegger.

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