NEWS / VolkerStevin wins Tay Road Bridge contract


VolkerStevin Marine has been awarded a US$23m contract for pier collision protection work at the Tay Road Bridge in Dundee, Scotland.

The project has been commissioned by Tay Road Bridge Joint Board and designed by Jacobs Engineering. It is designed to ensure the bridge is not closed by a serious ship impact at the navigation spans.

During its 45 year life, the bridge has been hit three times by shipping, each time causing superficial damage. The new works will protect against a full on impact, which could result in a long-term bridge closure.

VolkerStevin Marine has already completed the ground investigation works for the project and has been involved during the final design stages. The second stage work that has now been awarded will comprise the installation of steel tubular driven piles from a large floating crane barge and the installation of scour protection to the riverbed in the area of the pier protection works. 

VolkerStevin Marine is a joint venture drawing on sister companies VolkerStevin and Volker Stevin Construction Europe, which are both part of VolkerWessels.

The fabrication and installation of precast concrete shell units, weighing between 250t and 300t each, will then form the soffit and outer perimeter of the pier protection structures. These will be placed onto the piled foundations using a heavy lifting barge and will connected together structurally using in-situ concrete.

The work will be carried out from floating marine plant with the navigation channel remaining open throughout the works.  The road bridge will also remain open to traffic and pedestrians throughout both phases of the project.

Danny Kruit, project manager at VolkerStevin Marine, said: “We are currently working on the design for the temporary works, which involves all support structures required for the construction sequences, the formwork and hoisting frames for the precast concrete shell units. In parallel we are developing the detailed work methods and the selection of marine equipment for the works.  This is an exciting project to be involved with and will benefit the local economy in the long term.”

Fergus Wilson, engineer for the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board, said: “This is a major construction project which when completed will protect the most vulnerable bridge piers from any potential impact from shipping travelling to and from Perth..”

The works will begin this month and take 18 months to complete.

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