NEWS / Australian bridges damaged by flooding


Bridge repairs have been taking place in Australian’s Northern Territories following flooding caused by ex-tropical cyclone Grant. 

“I inspected the flooded area today and there has been significant damage to infrastructure with entire large sections of roads washed away,” said chief minister Paul Henderson on 28 December. “The Edith River and Cullen River have been subject to an extreme flash weather event and huge volumes of water have washed through the area.”

Repair crews had worked quickly, with the Stuart Highway reopening on 29 December following the flooding two days earlier.

A 20-carriage freight train was swept away as it crossed a bridge over the Edith River. “Owners of the railway, Genesee & Wyoming Australia Pty Ltd, are assessing damage to the rail tracks and will begin recovery of the train as soon as ground conditions allow,” said Henderson.  Federal Government authorities are investigating the train derailment and Northern Territories government agencies are coorperating with their investigations.

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