NEWS / Opening date set for delayed Peace Bridge


The Canadian city of Calgary has announced a 24 March opening for the Peace Bridge.

The tubular steel glazed bridge, which was designed by Santiago Calatrava, was originally due to open in 2010.

The 130m single-span bridge stretches across the Bow River just west of Prince’s Island Park just downriver of a temporary bridge. The project’s general contractor Graham Construction moved the 850t steel structure into position across the Bow River in late November 2011 and lowered it onto the permanent abutments in December.

The complex tubular steel structure was fabricated by Augescon in Spain, shipped to Canada in September 2010 and was assembled on site. The deck is a combination of cast-in-place and precast concrete. 

The city of Calgary described the Peace Bridge as “the combination of art and infrastructure resulting in a design that is both unique and extremely complex”. Several factors have delayed the opening. Delivery of the elements from Europe took longer than originally forecast. The tight tolerances for assembly of the subcomponents and the high quality finishing required more time than was originally estimated. The nature of the design meant there was a learning process in terms of the on-site assembly and so the contractor has had to continually re-examine assembly methodology, according to the client. In addition, spot inspections of the bridge segments constructed in Spain showed what appear to be non-conformities in some of the welds. Additional inspections were conducted and necessary repairs were undertaken, inspected once again and completed.  

The glazing was supplied by the Austrian company, GIG Fasseden. Graham Infrastructure was responsible for the assembly of the bridge structure and  Big Eagle Services carried out the piling. The Calgary office of Stantec Consulting is providing technical support to the city.

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