NEWS / Baker extends role on Kentucky bridges


Michael Baker has been awarded a US$16 million bridge design contract by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) for the replacement of two bridges in the west of the US state.

Both bridges are on KYTC’s ‘bridges that must be replaced’ list. One is the Kentucky Lake Bridge, where a span collapsed recently after being hit by a ship. The other crosses Lake Barkley.

Baker will be assisting with the selection of the type, size and locations for the new bridge structures over each lake, and final design for the Kentucky Lake crossing. The new contract extends Baker’s earlier role on the scheme

The new Kentucky Lake crossing will be a 1,200m-plus bridge and causeway including a 167.6m basket-handle arch. The new Lake Barkley crossing will be a 1,150m-plus bridge and causeway, also including a 167.6m basket-handle arch.

Both crossings carry  US 68/Kentucky 80 traffic are over navigable US waterways and connect to the ‘Land Between the Lakes’ national recreation area.

“This is one of Kentucky’s largest projects involving two complex bridges over navigation channels which are also located in a high seismic zone,” said Michael Baker Jr vice president James Williams.

Palmer Engineering will be the major subconsultant for approach span structure design, roadway design and permitting.

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