Acciona will build the walkway to connect the train station and with a future bus station, to create an intermodal interchange. The bridge will also help to integrate the city’s historical centre with the Pontepedriña neighbourhood and the Parque de las Brañas del Sar.

The 160m-long structure will stand on 8m-tall piers and will have a variable width of between 8m and 12m.

Santiago de Compostela - station bridge

The sides and the top of the walkway are enclosed in a design that is intended to integrate with the surroundings. The interior of the walkway will be lit by natural light during the day thanks to skylights, while an LED lighting system will be used at night. 

In addition to constructing the walkway, Acciona’s contract – which is worth more than US$4.5 million– includes other works such as those related to the provision of power for three lifts and two sets of escalators.

Construction of this walkway is being co-financed by the regional government of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela city council and Adif, the Spanish railway infrastructure manager.