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Among the articles in Bd&e #98 subscribers can read about:

  • Double or quits: a double-decker steel arch bridge is set to boost connectivity in Kiev
  • Crossing Borneo: a 30km-long bridge will unite two physically separate parts of Brunei
  • High and mighty: six projects in China are pushing bridge engineering to new limits
  • Greener engineering: the first instalment of a regular section focussing on sustainability initiatives and carbon reduction in the bridge sector
  • Full circle: a circular bridge prototype in the Netherlands achieves 1% material wastage
  • Hotel service lift: the challenge of installing three bridges for a hotel in Azerbaijan
  • Bridge-making machines: synchronised hydraulic lifting systems deployed in the USA
  • Box fresh: delivery to Peru of 7,000t of steel modular bridge components
  • Wax finish: microcrystalline wax gains traction in Florida for post-tensioning tendons
  • Fast-track design: digital twins streamline workflows for replacement Polcevera Viaduct
  • User-friendly strategy: every facet of a multi-bridge refurbishment project prioritises users

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