Bridge design & engineering is the world's only international publication dedicated entirely to the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of bridges both small and large. It is read by bridge owners, designers and builders all around the world, as well as specialist suppliers and manufacturers working in the industry. All major bridge projects around the globe are covered through in-depth technical articles, and the magazine prides itself on its use of superb photographs and strong visual content.

Since its launch in 1995, the Bridge design & engineering brand has earned an excellent international reputation. Both our editor, Jose Sanchez, and contributing editor, Helena Russell, are well known and highly respected by leading bridge professionals from around the world.
"To have our designs featured in Bd&e
is our greatest ambition; we know that the

magazine is enthusiastically studied in all
major engineering and construction firms
around the world. No other magazine covers
the international bridge scene as comprehensively
as the Bd&e, and none maintains a similar unbiased
balance between technical and aesthetic issues. "

Poul Ove Jensen, Director
Dissing+Weitling architecture A/S.
"It is a pleasure to receive a high quality publication for
which the staff frequently perform their own research,
including site visits, and report what they see accurately
and without any apparent bias. It is important for those
of us in the bridge engineering profession to be well
informed about what is happening around the globe:
Bd&e does this for us magnificently."

Peter G. Buckland, P Eng
Buckland & Taylor Ltd


"We are extremely pleased with the success advertising
in Bd&e has brought Hardesty & Hanover. The beauty
of it is how well the publication complements our own
mission of excellence in bridge design and engineering."

Paul M. Skelton, Partner and Chief Development Officer
Hardesty & Hanover
Bd&e is probably the most popular magazine in the
office. Certainly it always seems that someone has
borrowed the issue I am looking for! The journal is very
well presented and covers interesting international
projects in sufficient depth to be a useful reference
source. Together with the website I find it good for
keeping up to date with what is going on

Ian Firth, Director