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Welcome to Bd&e #102: our latest issue with special features on rail bridges and Australia and New Zealand. Among the articles for your enjoyment in this edition are

  • Destination Manila: industrial construction methods have enabled an erection cycle of one span per day to be achieved on a sizeable light-rail project in the Philippines
  • Iconic impact: stakeholders involved in emergency structural repairs on Auckland's harbour crossing share their story
  • Time sensitive: the design of a pedestrian bridge in London strikes a balance between the area's dockyard history and the modern cityscape of today
  • Spirited response: A new swing bridge in Poland illustrates how badly managed stakeholder relationships can manifest themselves in poor quality results
  • Adapted for desert life: tackling varied geometry in Kuwait's first cast-in-situ cantilever bridge
  • Collaborative network: Using parametric design to achieve elegant and efficient designs for two network arch bridges in Holland
  • Sensing change: A study of the SHM goals today and tomorrow, driven by environmental and budgetary agendas
  • Trend setter: Efforts to qualify the remaining life of the Pont de Normandie have resulted in an assessment that has gone well beyond standard practice, including the complete removal of three cable stays and their anchorages

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