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No-one can say for sure what the next ten years will bring for the industry – some of the industry’s leading figures have speculated on this in our article – but progress often depends not only on the technical expertise of the designers and the contractors, but also on the confidence of those responsible for funding the projects. It takes a visionary client to agree to trial new technology or materials, and engineers with confidence and a thorough understanding of the technology to drive the process forward. Only when this combination comes together does research and development move towards practical acceptance.

Thankfully the bridge industry has enough of these individuals to ensure that technology progresses. As a way of celebrating a decade of publishing articles about bridge projects around the world, and to highlight the variety of structures that the international industry encompasses, Bd&e decided to cover ten of the major projects from the last decade and ten of those expected to make headlines in the next decade. A simple and easy task, one would have thought. When it came to making the shortlist, however, it proved anything but simple!

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