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As many subscribers are currently working from home, the publishers of Bd&e have taken the decision to make this issue freely available so that nobody misses out. Among the articles in Bd&e #99 that everyone can enjoy are:

  • Playing the long game: Naeem Hussain in profile
  • Going horizontal: new construction method deployed on a second bridge in Austria
  • Welded to the future: a pedestrian crossing is a test case for new construction technology
  • Italian Renaissance: the final span of a bridge replacement project has been lifted into place
  • Spring in Sacramento: close cooperation has led to unique arch bridge design
  • Arpeggio rising: a bridge project in Sweden aims to create a new national landmark
  • Chain of command: remotely controlled highway and pedestrian bridges in the USA
  • Agenda-setting: economic and environmental benefits of harnessing UHPFRC
  • Call of the wild: just how ‘green’ are green bridges?
  • But why?: seeking the root causes of the collapse of the FIU pedestrian bridge
  • Restrained response: a new seismic resistance technique is revealed
  • Stay smart: much-needed intervention on a bridge connecting Spain and Portugal
  • Strength in numbers: historic bridge’s hanger tests reveal surprising results

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