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Welcome to Bd&e #101: our latest issue with special features on Asia and pedestrian bridges. Among the articles for your enjoyment in this edition are:

  • Extended island stay: cable installation marks significant milestone in the Philippines concrete highway bridge without steel in Japan
  • Root and branch: historic Ho Chi Minh crossing is upgraded with unusual techniques
  • Iron Giant: a rare wrought-iron railway viaduct is repurposed for cyclists
  • Nature's bounty: making the case for structural timber on pedestrian and cycle bridges
  • Trail blazer: a 23-km long stretch of footpaths and bridges encourages green mobility in China
  • Profile: Joanna Bonnet: a career of problem-solving in the bridge industry
  • Friends reunited: 200th birthday renovation for a historical suspension bridge
  • Tour de force: trimming weight and carbon emissions on a suspension bridge girder
  • Poised response: rebalancing cables and hangers with modelling and hydraulic operations 
  • Beating the drum: why a supplier is calling on movable bridge designs to ditch the drum brake

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