Deck installation commenced in June and involved two diffrent methods. The first 20 single blocks, five next to each expansion joint and five around the towers, were lifted by a 5,000t-capacity floating crane. Following that, the mega-block segments have been raised by lifting gantries. 

Two lifting gantries worked at each back span, while four lifting gantries were installed at the main span. The capacity of each gantry is 530t, and they worked in tandem to lift the mega-blocks. 

The last deck block, except for the the the three waiting on the temporary working platforms next to each of the two towers, was positioned on 21 September and welding of the deck is going ahead with Çimtas.

The deck creates a navigation clearance profile of 1,600m in width and 70m in height. The typical deck block is 45.06m wide with a 9m-wide and 3.5m-tall cross girder. The bridge will carry three lanes of traffic in each direction.