The government of British Columbia in Canada has awarded a contract for a study into the possibility of building a fixed highway link to serve the Sunshine Coast.

RF Binnie & Associates will carry out the US$182,000 feasibility study, which will explore a number of potential connections ranging from a highway link around Jervis Inlet to direct bridge connections along the coast.

The costs and benefits of each option will be assessed and will be compared with existing ferry services.
“Connections between the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland have been limited by the region’s challenging geography, which is an impediment to trade and tourism in the region,” said transportation and infrastructure minister Todd Stone. “With this study, we’re taking a thorough look at the possibilities for a highway link to the Lower Mainland. It will build on previous work, and provide government with valuable, updated information on various options as they compare to the existing ferry service.”

Vancouver-based civil engineering firm RF Binnie is due to present the government with its final report on the study in late autumn this year.