Construction of the US$2.9bn road and rail crossing of the Padma River is under way, with China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group (MBEC) as main contractor. The decision to install architectural lighting recognises the importance of the bridge to Bangladesh, said the tender announcement published by the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project Office and the contractor. The lighting "will ensure that that the crossing fits within the unique environmental, social, aesthetic and physical character of the region and the river corridor within which it is located and distinguish the Padma Multipurpose Bridge internationally as an iconic structure," said the announcement.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge - possible lighting

(above) The project website shows how the lighting could look

The lighting will be implemented as a design and construct contract, with the successful bidder employed as a nominated subcontractor to MBEC.

A two-stage bidding process is being adopted, with technical bids considered first.