CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, Maitha bin Adai said: “The programme will play a key role in boosting the excellent performance of road facilities as well as the operational condition of various road installations in the Emirate of Dubai throughout their service period. It will also ensure the provision of an integrated database of road facilities that can be used to explore the potential for using IT in managing the existing maintenance management systems of road facilities,” she reported. 

“We have given due consideration to benchmarking our system with the highest practices prevailing in countries like Canada, Britain and South Africa to enhance periodic tests and assessments of each infrastructural component. More emphasis is placed on upgrading procedures & principles of various maintenance works, especially the safety of those structures and their users through applying risk-related maintenance principles.
“The new programme is linked with the asset management department and with GIS to enable accessibility to the smart apps on portable devices. This will ensure speedy update of data as well as the identification of the facility condition and maintenance needs. It will also expedite the process of issuing job orders to road maintenance contractors for carrying out the required corrective maintenance works,” continued Maitha.