Polcevera Viaduct - final pierThe bridge is being built by PerGenova - a joint-venture between Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri - to replace the structure that collapsed in August 2018, killing 43 people.

Work on the 40m-tall reinforced concrete piers has been taking place in tandem with construction of the 1,067m-long deck, which has now passed the half-way point, with 10 of the spans installed.

“This is a unique project from a number of vantage points: there is the innovation and sustainability aspect, the speed at which the bridge is being built, the close public interest and the pressure that comes with it, the attention to quality and safety, and, obviously, the very reason for the bridge to come into existence,” said Salini Impregilo chief executive Pietro Salini, speaking at an event to mark the completion of the piers.

“It is for all of these reasons that I want to thank the tradesmen, the engineers and the workers that took part in this effort," he said. "They are our heroes.”

Polcevera Viaduct - final pier

Salini added: “Building this project is like wearing the country’s colours. There are millions of people who are cheering and encouraging us on. They want to see us succeed in meeting this challenge that we have set for ourselves in the name of our country. And this is the greatest satisfaction that we derive from our work. But I assure you that this project for Genoa is not a miracle: it is product of the uncelebrated expertise of great Italian companies.”

The combined height of the 18 piers above and below ground is 1,500m – which Salini Impregilo pointed out is the equivalent of two Burj Khalifa skyscrapers.

Above ground, they all have the same elliptical cross-section, of dimensions of 9.5m by 4m.

The uniform shape is designed to accelerate the pace of construction by enabling the use of the same type of external formwork for every pier.

Photos by PerGenova

Polcevera Viaduct - final pier