Calgary Planning Commission has been presented with a report on latest plans for the bridge and associated projects that form part of public realm improvements in Eau Claire.

The recommended bridge type has been changed following stakeholder feedback gathered in September and October 2019. The revised evaluation criteria have led to a three-span bridge being recommended for the site. The design of the new bridge features materials chosen to coordinate with the adjacent projects, including weathering steel, stainless steel, wood and textured concrete.

new Jaipur Bridge, Calgary

The existing Jaipur pedestrian bridge connects the Eau Claire Plaza to Prince’s Island Park but is currently closed. It is in poor condition and replacement is seen as the best option. Replacement will also allow the city to improve flood resiliency by raising the bridge above the 1:100 flood elevation.

Detailed design is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of this year, with construction due to start in the second quarter of 2021.