Building the bridge over the Bow River is intended to help residents and visitors reach the public transit system more easily by foot or by bike and to encourage use of sustainable modes of transportation throughout Banff, the Bow Valley and Banff National Park.

The government is investing US$1.8 million in the project through the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada plan. This funding is conditional on satisfying environmental assessment requirements and consultations with Indigenous groups. In addition, the Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission and the Pauw Foundation are also contributing to the project. They are providing US$650,000 and US$2 million respectively.

“The pedestrian bridge will provide a much-needed connection over the Bow River for Roam Public Transit users who are accessing transit routes on both sides of the river,” said Martin Bean, chief administrative officer of Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission. “With better transit connections, and a convenient pedestrian and cyclist path, we’re confident this project will help residents and visitors move throughout Banff without the use of a private vehicle.”

Cathy Geisler, executive director of Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation, said: “We are thrilled that a second pedestrian bridge will become a reality for Banff. The bridge will expand our trail network, provide vehicle-free access to more recreational corners of the park, and enhance our vision for a more cyclist and pedestrian friendly community. As a significant supporter of active lifestyles and mountain recreation in Banff, the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation is excited to be a stakeholder in this partnership.”