Catwalks have been installed between the 318m high steel towers and concrete anchor blocks, which have a footprint of 92m by 80m on the Asian side and 85.2m by 74.4m on the European side.

The bridge cable will be formed of a prefabricated parallel wire system, erected strand by strand. The main cable will be 869mm in diameter over the main span and 881mmm on the side spans, with 144 and 148 strands, respectively. 

The wire diameter is 5.8mm and each strand comprises 127 wires. Each main cable will be 4,384m long from anchor to anchor. 

As seen in the video, sections of the deck have already been installed on the approach spans. The deck is formed of twin box girders, which will carry three traffic lanes each and are separated by a 9m gap to assist with aerodynamic stability. The total width across the two deck girders is 45m.