Vlaamse Waterweg, the government agency in charge of navigable waterways in Flanders, has unveiled a table lift design for the replacement of a bridge damaged beyond repair by a collision in 2022.

Concept of the new Krakele Bridge raised to allow passage of vessels underneath. Credit: Vlaamse Waterweg

The new Krakele Bridge will rise on four cylinders to more than 5m above ground when open. The design allows double the passage width permitted by the present bridge.

And over the water, the new crossing design has two lanes for motor traffic and a 4m a two-way cycle lane and a 2.5m pedestrian path. Access infrastructure surrounding the crossing is also getting a makeover to improve traffic flow and promote conflict-free movement.

In coming months, the design will be refined, and it is expected that the works will begin towards the end of 2025. The build will take two years.