A road crossing that saw more than 100 accidents involving bikes and walkers in five years will be upgraded with a moveable bridge dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians.

The two road bridges over the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, will be complemented by a dedicated bridge for pedestrian and cyclists. The design, a cable-stayed swing bridge that opens horizontally to improve marine clearance, is the first of its kind in the US.

The City of Charleston last week selected as the contractor the US family-owned company Superior Construction.

The proposed design for the new cable-stayed swing bridge over the Ashley River at Charleston. Picture from Superior.

The V-shaped pylons and outward-leaning stay cables will reduce the risk of ice falling on the deck. The bridge was designed by Johnson Mirmiran and Thompson, which is based in Maryland.

The new bridge will be funded by the City of Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. It will cost US$72.6 million.

Construction starts in April 2024 and it will be completed in 2027.