Minister of transport Marc Garneau announced the government approval for the Canadian Transit Company’s application to replace the bridge over the Detroit River between Windsor in Ontario and Detroit in the US state of Michigan.

The Windsor-Detroit gateway – which comprises the Ambassador Bridge, the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel, the Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry and the Detroit River Rail Tunnel - is the busiest commercial land border crossing between Canada and the United States. In addition to approving the Canadian Transit Company’s application, the Canadian government is moving forward with the Gordie Howe International Bridge project. The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) announced last week that bidders for the Gordie Howe project are being given another four months to respond to the request for proposals for the public-private partnership scheme

The 87-year old Ambassador Bridge is a key component of the Windsor-Detroit gateway and is seen as important to the economic well-being of the region, particularly to the automotive industry and for daily commuter traffic. The project will see the construction of a replacement six-lane bridge as well as an expansion of the Ambassador Bridge’s associated Canada Border Services Agency facility.

“The government of Canada recognizes the importance of ensuring the continued flow of trade and travellers between Windsor and Detroit, one of the most important Canada-United States border crossings,” said Garneau. “The construction of the replacement Ambassador Bridge together with the Gordie Howe International Bridge project will ensure that Canadians continue to benefit from the efficient movement of people and goods at this crossing while providing infrastructure improvements for the local community.”