The work for the first section of the high-speed, high-capacity railway between Verona and Padua has been won by the IRICAV 2 consortium. The consortium is led by the Webuild Group, which was formerly called Salini Impregilo. Webuild has an 83% share of the contract, with Hitachi Rail STS responsible for the remainder. Client for the scheme is Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI).

The section will run for 44.2km, including 6.8km on viaduct and 2.1km of tunnels.

Webuild chief executive Pietro Salini said: “Just days after delivering the Genoa Bridge, we are very happy to start a new strategic project, this time for mobility in Veneto. It is another piece of infrastructure that we hope will involve a long supply chain, running from north to south. It comes after the start of work on the Ionian highway in Calabria and on the Nodo Ferroviario in Genoa. From south to north, Italy is starting up again, and it is doing it with infrastructure, bringing work to the regions. We are proud to be able to bring our expertise to this project in order to relaunch the country where we have our roots.”