An historic truss bridge that travelled for restoration from Arkansas to Michigan and back will soon be in place as ground is broken on its site.

The Old River Bridge in Saline County, Arkansas, USA, was built in the late 1800s to help settlers cross the Saline River. After a lorry strike in 1974, it was decommissioned.

But through decades of efforts by officials and passionate locals form the Saline Crossing Regional Park and Recreation Area, the restored bridge will eventually become part of the 97km Southwest Trail.

The groundbreaking ceremony on Monday marks the fruition of decades of work to secure federal funding for the restoration.

The entire project will cost about US$4 million. The bridge was dismantled and sent away to Michigan for restoration. The Saline County Road department has the pieces in store until construction can begin.

Once restored to its place, the bridge will be the oldest in Arkansas in its original location.