15 November 2016

Birmingham, UK

Do you own, manage, design or inspect bridges?

What do you know about hidden defects and their potential impact on the safety and durability of your bridges?

This forum will provide an essential insight into the hidden defects that are present in existing bridges, with guidance on how to identify, assess and manage these defects to prolong the lifetime of structures safely and cost-effectively.

The role of design, planning and prioritisation of maintenance spending in aiding effective management of existing defects and elimination of future defects will also be discussed.

 Key themes:

- Creating an effective bridge inspection regime
- Working within budgetary limitations
- Good practice in identifying, recording and assessing known defects
- Prioritisation of maintenance work
- Avoiding future defects through specification and quality control
- Defect mitigation and remedial works
- Available technologies for access, non-destructive testing and inspection

Who should attend?

- Bridge owners, operators, managers, inspectors, contractors, consultants

For more information visit http://hiddendefects.bridgeweb.com/