Peru's government agency for roads and bridges, Provias Nacional, has signed a contract for the supply of 101 modular steel bridges with specialist supplier Acrow. Over the past two years, the firm has delivered more than 65 steel bridges to the government agency in charge of local roads and bridges, and 60 steel bridges to the national agency, bringing the total number of Acrow bridges in Peru to more than 400.

“Prefabricated modular steel bridging is an ideal solution for large-scale transportation infrastructure development projects, whether the projects are located in dense urban cities or in isolated rural regions,” said Acrow president and CEO Bill Killeen. “It is an immense privilege and pleasure to once again work with Provias Nacional in support of the people of Peru through our designing and supplying permanent robust Acrow bridges from our factory in the United States.”

Acrow’s bridge components are fabricated in the USA in a controlled environment, under the certification of four highly comprehensive quality assurance systems – the international standard ISO9001, the American Institute for Steel Construction for Major Advanced Bridges with a Fracture Critical Endorsement, the American Welding Society certification, and the European CE system. Acrow uses high strength, high quality US steel from ISO-certified mills and galvanises the steel at ISO-certified vendors to protect against corrosion. The components are then shipped to the customer site, where they are repackaged for shipment to bridge job sites followed by fast installation, often in a matter of days.

“We are grateful to be of service to customers, in both good times and bad,” Killeen added. “Bridges are of fundamental importance everywhere in the world, connecting people and communities with the opportunities they need to grow and prosper.”