The latest proposal follows the opening in June of a nearby footbridge, which has significantly reduced the risk of an incident at the level crossing on the High Street.

The proposed Brayford Wharf East footbridge will provide a route above another level crossing in the city centre. The crossing sees almost 7,000 vehicles and over 16,000 pedestrians use it every day, as well as around 140 freight and passengers trains.

Should the plans be approved by Lincoln City Council, the bridge will provide permanent stepped access over the busy railway so that pedestrians no longer have to stand and wait at the barriers.

Lincoln footbridge at level crossing

Earlier this year, there was a narrow escape for a pedestrian who jumped over the barriers and narrowly avoided coming into contact with an oncoming train.

Once the planning decision for Brayford Wharf East is made, Network Rail will begin the tendering process to find a construction firm to build the bridge.