Beams of green, white and red light link up the two extremities of the bridge being built over the Polcevera River. The ‘Bridge of Life for Genoa’ initiative has been launched by Salini Impregilo, which is building the bridge with Fincantieri. The gesture is described as the group’s way of thanking the officials, doctors, nurses and everyone else working to try to save lives in the emergency.

The beams of light highlight the 1,000m length that the bridge will have when completed.

Salini - bridge of light“The colours of the Italian flag speak to the heart and fills us with pride,” said Pietro Salini, chief executive of Salini Impregilo, which will shortly change its name to Webuild. “It unites people in the hope that we can overcome even this challenge posed by the coronavirus, and set the country on the path of recovery, a country that looks beyond emergencies

Salini - bridge of light

with the resolve to move forward as quickly as possible.”

Salini Impregilo is also preparing itself to proceed to the next stages of Progetto Italia, an operation in which the group plans to relaunch the construction industry by helping unblock work sites in the country and safeguard employment.