President Jokowi of Indonesia has requested that flaws identified in a new rail bridge are not used to criticise the project. 

The bridge is part of Jabodebek LRT, the light rapid transit system in the capital of Indonesia. It connects Jakarta city centre with the suburbs of Bogor, Depok and Bekasi.

“Don't look for flaws because there will definitely be mistakes since it's the first time,” Jokowi said, referring to the fact that Jabodebek is the first LRT in Indonesia. He sought to reassure by adding, “Everything is planned. Everything is calculated. But on the field, sometimes there can be adjustments, I think it's normal.” 

The long-span bridge connecting Jalan Gatot Subroto and Kuningan has been criticised by an Indonesian politician because owing to its curve, trains must slow down significantly.  

The Jabodebek project is managed by INKA, the state train manufacturer and is very much a domestic Indonesian product. President Jokowi said, “Everything is done by our people. So if there are deficiencies, we must understand, but we will fix them.” 

Jabodebek opened for free public testing between 12 and 17 July and is expected to start operating commercially later this month (August).