Scotland's cabinet secretary for transport, infrastructure and community Michael Matheson and Northern Ireland's minister for infrastrucure Nichola Mallon have sent letters to UK transport secretary Grant Shapps about the proposals for a bridge or tunnel linking the two places.

They welcomed the recent interest in cross-border transport infrastructure but pointed out that most transport matters have been devolved by the UK Parliament to the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly. They added that they understood that consideration is now being given to a tunnel between Northern Ireland and Scotland instead of the original suggestion of a bridge.

Matheson and Mallon both said that they believe that the money would be better spent on delivering infrastructure investment in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Both said they want infrastructure investment to be focused on projects that will improve lives, boost the economy and connectivity, support communities and work to address the climate emergency.

Their letters said that, both in Northern Ireland and Scotland, work is already progressing to address the future transport needs of communities. "We are in agreement that the UK government should honour its commitments to 'turbocharging infrastructure' by ensuring that adequate resource is made available to support the urgent needs of the people of Northern Ireland and Scotland, through the budget and with the consent of both devolved administrations," they said.