The mayor of the local municipality of Caicedonia, Carlos Alberto Orozco Franco, released a video from the site of the collapsed La Vieja Bridge (screenshot from the video below). He called on the national and regional governments to take prompt action to accelerate reinstatement of the bridge as well as repairs to another key bridge, which is in poor condition.

screenshot from Caicedonia Municipality's video of the scene of the collapse

The country’s national infrastructure agency, ANI, has launched an investigation to establish the causes of the collapse of the La Vieja vehicular bridge. The investigation will be carried out in conjunction with other bodies including the Armenia – Pereira – Manizales concession, the National Institute of Roads (Invías) and the Colombian Society of Engineers (SCI). ANI said that it will work with the supervisory authority and the concessionaire to define a schedule for the replacement of the bridge.