The US$149.3 million contract for the Danish Road Directorate, Vejdirektoratet, involves the construction of a new four-lane dual carriageway over a distance of 8.2km, linking Frederikssund and Skibbyvej. The main structure on the project is a 1.4km tolled bridge over the fjord to replace a bascule bridge built in 1935.

Vejdirektoratet praised the winning bid for features such as having longer spans than the competing proposals, thus reducing the number of piers needed in the fjord.

Frederikssund Fjord Link

The Fjord of Roskilde is designated as a Natura 2000 area as it is a habitat for rare vegetation and an important refuge for water fowls. The location of residential areas very near to the construction site and difficult access pose additional challenges with regards to logistics, dust, noise and traffic management.

The design phase of the project will start in November 2016. Site works are scheduled to start in February 2017 and the project is due for completion by late 2019.