Procurement is imminent for the replacement of a pair of bridges on the USA’s North East Corridor (NEC) railway.

The Sawtooth Bridges in New Jersey are owned and operated by Amtrak. The 1907 bridges carry more than 400 trains a day. The replacement project will double capacity, and allow the lifting of a speed restriction.

The replacement of the Sawtooth Bridges is somewhat complicated because it requires coordination with several different rights of way owners, namely NJ Transit, Amtrak, PATH and Conrail.

The Sawtooth Bridges (outlined in yellow). Credit: Amtrak

Amtrak will issue two requests for qualifications soon: one for the CMAR contract and another for the project, programme and construction management contract. It will issue the request for proposals in 2024.

The project will be funded in part by a grant of US$133 million from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) (link opens in new tab).

Bidders are advised to keep an eye on Amtrak’s procurement portal (link opens in new tab) for information and submissions.