Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is urgently seeking a contractor for the demolition and removal of a damaged bascule bridge.

The Strauss trunnion bascule lift bridge on LaSalle Causeway in Kingston, Ontario, was damaged during strengthening work earlier this year. The damaged element was a diagonal steel truss supporting the counterweight on the bridge, which dates from 1917.

A laser survey earlier this month revealed significant displacement and misalignment of key elements of the bridge structure. The analysis suggests that the bridge’s life is significantly reduced. So PSPC on Wednesday decided to go ahead with the demolition. The contract could be awarded as early as next week.

The bascule bridge opens to give marine access up the Cataraqui River to the Rideau Canal and the inner harbour of Kingston. About 23,000 vehicles crossed it daily until it was closed earlier this year. It was subsequently re-opened for pedestrians, although PSPC anticipates a complete closure next week. The city recently opened another bridge over the Cataraqui River further inland, Waaban Crossing (link opens in new tab).