The move is designed to allow closer collaboration with Cowi around the world to deliver a variety of complex civil and structural engineering projects.

Lars Hauge, Cowi’s regional vice president for the global bridge, tunnel and marine group, said: “We welcome this step forward. It unites all activities under the Cowi brand worldwide, strengthening our relationships with our key clients. Cowi is committed to delivering world-class skills and solutions and now firmly established in the UK, we have great opportunities to increase our offering.”

David MacKenzie, chief executive officer of Flint & Neill, and Andy Sloan, managing director of Donaldson Associates said that they see many opportunities in the new organisation.

“Over the past two years with Cowi we have experienced the benefits and opportunities as part of one of the world’s leading engineering companies,” says Sloan, who heads Cowi’s tunnel and underground structures group in the UK and SE Asia. “Moving forward as one brand will improve our position in the market, and enable us to deliver a wider range of services, drawing on the technical expertise and resources in Cowi offices around the world.”

Specialist bridge and structural engineering company Flint & Neill has been part of Cowi since 2008.  MacKenzie, who heads Cowi’s bridge group in the UK states said: “The passion and ingenuity that has characterised both Flint & Neill and Donaldson Associates will continue unchanged, but now combined we can collaborate more effectively as part of the Cowi Group. The names will change, but the staff that our clients have been working with will remain the same. Our decision to move to the Cowi brand at this time is part of our wider strategy and we are looking forward to greater integration with an equally innovative and more geographically dispersed organisation.”

Cowi will operate in the UK from offices in London, Bristol, Derby, Uttoxeter, Glasgow and York. The office in Hong Kong will continue to be managed from the UK.