The 795m-long bridge was originally constructed in 1976 and was intentionally designed with narrow piers and a low height, primarily to support operations such as the swift mobilisation of military equipment and emergency recovery efforts. However, the bridge’s low height posed challenges during periods of flooding, often resulting in its submersion.

In 1982, Banpo Bridge was constructed atop Jamsu Bridge to improve vehicular traffic flow. The middle section of Jamsu Bridge was converted into an arch structure, to accommodate the passage of cruise ships and other large vessels.

Jamsu Bridge is beneath Banpo Bridge

The current Jamsu Bridge has two traffic lanes as well as lanes for pedestrians and bicycles.

Jamsu Bridge currently carries two lanes of traffic as well as lanes for pedestrians and cycles

The competition runs until 29 August and the judging will begin with a technical review on 7 September. The jury will then consider the entries on 12 September.

Eight winning teams will be selected through the judging process. The eight winners will each receive an award of approximately US$77,000 and will be invited to participate in the next phase of the competition.

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