The Footbridge Awards are presented once every three years and recognise the best in design, renovation and lighting of bridges for pedestrians/cyclists/equestrians that have been completed in the previous three years.

This year the awards will be presented at the Footbridge 2017 conference in Berlin, Germany, which takes place on 6-8 September 2017.

For further information on the Footbridge 2017 conference please visit


Projects must meet BOTH of the following criteria:

1. They must be for use ONLY for pedestrians and/or cyclists and/or equestrians.

2. They must have been opened to the public or the renovation programme/lighting installation have been completed between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2016.


Short span: For new footbridges with a maximum clear span of 30m or less.

Medium span: For new footbridges with a maximum clear span of between 30m and 75m.

Long span: For new footbridges with a maximum clear span greater than 75m.

Renovation: For a project to renovate or refurbish an existing footbridge, or to repurpose another type of bridge to be used by pedestrians, cyclists and/or equestrians.

The Jonathan Speirs Lighting Award: For a lighting scheme on a new or existing footbridge of any size. Created in memory of Jonathan Speirs of Speirs & Major. 

The scheme must have been completed within the dates specified above. Please see special instructions for the nomination statement for the lighting category.


Download the entry form as a PDF or Word file.

Download the information about how to enter, what information to send, the entry fee and how to pay it, rules and nomination statement instructions as a PDF or Word file.

Download examples of nomination statements from previous winners.

Entries should be sent on CD/DVD or USB stick to the address below:
Footbridge Awards
Bridge design & engineering
32 Vauxhall Bridge Road London

Or by email to:

Please send large files (>5MB) by internet file transfer. In this case please submit ALL documents, including entry forms etc, at the same time.

For enquiries contact us: +44 20 7973 4697 or