Designed by Thomas Randall-Page, the structure takes the concept of a moving bridge to another level: A hand-operated mechanism rolls the deck into two positions, one where it is level with the dock, allowing pedestrians to walk across the river, and another where it is upside-down, creating sufficient clearance for the passage of boats. 

A pulley mechanism and counterweights will allow operators to move the bridge along rails into both positions simply by turning a handle, with Randall-Page taking his inspiration from Victorian-era canal lock engineering. “Rolling parallel to the channel it crosses, this unique bridge design owes much to its Victorian forbears. They knew that moving large heavy structures efficiently requires that they are balanced system and my design works on this principle,” he says. Tim Lucas, a partner at Price and Myers, is the project’s structural engineering advisor.

Credit Tim Allen  

Meanwhile, Gasworks Dock Partnership, a charity formed to lead the regeneration of Cody Dock, will be responsible for project delivery should the financing drive be successful. This will entail constructing the pedestrian bridge, creating a plaque with the names of the structure’s supporters and completing public access to the Lea River Park.

The scheme received planning permission from Newham Council in April and will form part of an ongoing seven-year development plan aimed at turning the 10,117m2 Cody Dock site into a creative industries quarter. At the beginning of August, the Mayor of London’s crowdfunding team extended the financing deadline for the footbridge by two weeks to 27 August.

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Thumbnail credit Thomas Randall-Page