In total, the Waterford North Quays Project has now been awarded US$130.7 million in urban regeneration and transport funding. Minister for housing, local government and heritage Darragh O’Brien this week announced the approval of the new US$95.2 million in support for the scheme. The Department of Transport had already committed US$35.5 million.

O’Brien said, “Today’s government approval represents one of the single biggest investments ever in the South East. The North Quays project is the largest commercial development in Waterford and currently the largest urban regeneration project in the country.”

River Suir Sustainable Transport Bridge

The North Quays in Waterford was designated a Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) by the government in 2016. In September 2019, Ireland’s planning authority approved the River Suir Sustainable Transport Bridge. The 207m-long bridge, which will be for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport, will incorporate an opening centre span to allow river traffic.    

Minister for transport, environment, climate and communications and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said: “The funding I am making available will support the development of the new sustainable transport bridge across the River Suir to link up the North and South Quays, providing access for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users.”