The project to re-deck the I-210 Bridge was originally put out for bid in November 2016. However, DOTD received only one bid, which came in approximately 150% over estimate.

In 2015, DOTD has stated that the estimate for the re-decking was US$20 million to US$30 million.

Originally the project involved performing joint repairs on I-10 bridges throughout Lake Charles, as well as re-decking the main span of the I-210 Bridge. As part of the re-bid process, the I-10 and I-210 work will be separated into two projects.

DOTD is also reevaluating the circumstances and restrictions needed in order to perform the I-210 bridge re-decking, which may have resulted in the single bid. Maintaining traffic during construction is a major challenge on the project.

The I-10 bridges joint repair work is expected to be re-bid in May 2017, while the I-210 Bridge re-bid is estimated for November.