An official reported the failure at the Otis Bridge in Paco, Manila, to the Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH). The government’s Philippines News Agency has quoted DPWH national capital region director Melvin Navarro as saying that the bridge will be reconstructed, with everything replaced. He said that the department is waiting for the result of an assessment being conducted by structural engineers.

The news agency reported that DPWH South Manila district engineer De Mikunug Macud said that some of the girders have collapsed, making the bridge unsafe for motorists. The bridge was constructed in the 1960s, he is reported as saying, adding that an inspection was carried out in 2013 and a year later, when the bridge was reported to have a weak foundation.

Funds had been allotted for a new bridge in 2016 but work had not gone ahead as reconstruction of a parallel route was already taking place.