Hellenic Railways Organization subsidiary Ergose has awarded Osmos a contract to monitor the bridges, which form part of the new Tithorea – Lianokladi – Domokos line.

The contract, which has an initial period of four years, provides for the procurement, installation and commissioning of a real-time structural monitoring system (RTSMS).

The bridges have been built on the most mountainous and difficult-to-access part of the Greek railway network and are also in a seismic zone. They have been constructed with seismic insulation, incorporating protection devices such as anti-seismic shock absorbers and hydraulic viscosity fluid dampers.

Greek high-speed railway - one of the bridges to be monitored by Osmos

Osmos’ services have multiple purposes: to monitor the functioning of the seismic protection devices, to detect extraordinary events and the bridges' responses, and to assess overall condition and possible structural deterioration over time.

Various types of connected sensors will be installed on critical parts of the bridges and will record live data linked to deformation, relative displacement, acceleration, temperature and wind velocity.