Its price of US$398.5m was the lowest of the five bids submitted. The other bidders all had better scores for the technical and time elements of the tender but Skanska's price was low enough to ensure that its adjusted score beat the rest. 

Florida Department of Transportation's selection committee will meet next week to confirm the decision.

The bids ranged from Skanska USA Civil Southeast's US$398.5m to Flatiron-Prince-Manson's US$573.5m. Anderson/De Moya/Leware topped the technical scoring with 93.2 compared to Skanska's 78.6. The other bidders were Archer Western Contractors and Johnson Bros Corporation. Factors taken into account in the scoring included design, construction and pedestrian features.

The existing 4.8km bridge between the cities of Pensacola and Gulf Breeze opened in 1960 and is now considered 'structurally deficient'.