29 November 2011

National Physical Laboratory, London, UK

Smart asset management is only achieved if smart decisions are made. Sensor networks are used more and more to monitor system behaviour, e.g., structural health, energy usage, and environmental quality. The quality of the decision-making depends on how the sensor information is used. Extraction of information from the large-scale datasets for risk-aware decision-making remains the main challenge for all sensors networks.
This workshop is based on the NPL footbridge activities during 2011. The current NPL Bridge monitoring system contains hundreds of sensors and could be one of the best-instrumented structures in the UK using sensors and survey techniques from many SME’s and university departments. This gives a unique opportunity to investigate fundamental interactions between a real 1960s structure and its environment. Accelerated damage / repair / strengthening testing program has been carried out for over two years. A vast amount of data has been collected during different stages of damage to explore how advanced numerical statistical methods can be applied to sensor data for extracting information relevant to asset management processes.

The workshop focuses on understanding structures and addressing multidisciplinary natures by bringing together structural engineers, monitoring technology experts and specialists who manage maintenance schedules and risk assessment. 

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