Modjeski & Masters has been selected by Illinois’ Bureau of Bridges & Structures (BBS) to carry out the contract, which renews existing work.

Under the contract, Modjeski & Masters will provide National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS), Fracture Critical Member (FCM) and element level inspections of major river bridges, as well as load capacity ratings. Under earlier contracts, it has already provided the same services for over two dozen major river bridges while accommodating peak hours and lane restrictions and often using technical access climbing techniques. The firm's projects have included detailed gusset plate inspections, ultrasonic testing of truss pins, emergency damage inspections, emergency trunnion shaft repair and underwater inspections.

"With our longstanding history of work with IDOT, we've had the opportunity to lead multiple major inspection projects throughout Illinois, and we're honoured to be selected for the fourth time for this contract,” said David Petermeier, senior vice president and Mid-America regional manager of Modjeski & Masters.