Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners celebrated the opening of the 500th bridge built under the Rapid Bridge Replacement project.

In total, the multi-year programme involves replacing 558 structures. Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners is responsible for financing, designing, constructing and maintaining the bridges and PennDOT will be responsible for routine maintenance such as snow plowing, debris removal and providing the first response to incidents.

“We’ve all worked very hard on this innovative, complicated project that will speed the delivery of improved bridges across the state, especially in rural areas,” said PennDOT secretary Leslie Richards.

“This milestone completion is the latest result of proven partnerships across all levels of this historic project,” said David Casey, heavy civil president of Walsh Construction Company. “From PennDOT and project stakeholders to construction teams, subcontractors and residents, we are all working hand-in-hand to improve Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.”   

“Marking the completion of the 500th bridge isn’t just a celebration for the Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement project team, it’s a celebration of the collaboration, innovation and dedication of everyone involved, including the dozens of communities that have seen new and improved infrastructure in their neighbourhoods,” said Plenary Group head of delivery Ed Dice.

The consortium of companies within the development entity includes Plenary Group USA and Walsh Investors, which are providing financing and long-term management; a joint-venture construction team of Walsh Construction Company and Granite Construction Company; HDR as the lead design firm; and Walsh Infrastructure Management, which will provide maintenance for a 25-year period upon completion of the bridges.