Proposals were submitted by two design-build teams. James Construction Group is the apparent successful proposer for the project, with a bid of US$361,743,367. The bid is more than 60% over DOTD’s estimate of approximately US$223 million.

“The Jimmie Davis Bridge was opened to traffic in 1968, the year before I was born, and has served the surrounding community for 55 years,” said DOTD secretary Shawn Wilson. “It has reached the end of its useful life span.”

Jimmie Davis Bridge being inspected in 2021

Above: The existing Jimmie Davis Bridge, pictured during an inspection in 2021

Wilson said that the price proposal would be carefully reviewed. “Such a swing is not unexpected and will require us to work with the legislature to close the gap. Delaying the project is not likely to result in an extremely lower price.”

The intent of the design-build project is to construct a new four-lane bridge parallel to the existing structure. Once complete, the current bridge will be rehabilitated into a linear park that will connect the existing bicycle and pedestrian trails across the Red River.

The existing bridge was originally to have been rehabilitated, but the contract was cancelled in 2016 when the decision was taken to build a new structure (link opens in new tab).