The projects receiving the US$8 million in Accelerated Innovation Deployment demonstration programme grants are also intended to help state departments of transportation deliver projects sooner and improve traffic management.

Projects in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and North Dakota have been chosen to receive the grants, which are worth up to US$1 million each.

Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and Baldwin County Highway Department are receiving US$1 million for their work to employ accelerated bridge construction and ultra-high-performance concrete to shorten the construction time from 14 weeks to six weeks for bridge retrofit projects.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is also receiving US$1 million. It will use accelerated bridge construction and prefabricated bridge elements and systems (PBES) to reduce the number of potential delays caused by traffic during construction of the 2nd Avenue Network Arch Superstructure project.

North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) will use its grant of about US$240,000 to deploy a robot-driven truck known as an ‘autonomous attenuator’ that can protect workers from traffic when doing routine maintenance activities.